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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Hi crew.

I have created our itinerary, there is a lot of information so read an click, This Itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions, the lesser Antilles have consistent easterly trade winds and that means that most likely we will be able to follow it.

Night 1, July 4th.

This is our embark day, we have the boat ready around 4 pm at the Marina , this is the get all settle day, I will be having a meeting with all of you to explain the boat, toilets, rules, and most important specific sailing assignments for docking, mooring, trash collection and help for when on the way.

Sail day 1 - Night 2, July 5th.

We are sailing from our marina base in Marigot Bay to Basseterre in Saint Kitts, it is important that we are ready to leave around 9 AM, meaning, early rising and a good breakfast. Since this is our biggest sail if the wind holds easterly steady averaging 13 to 17 knots it will take us around 7 hours. During the sail some crew will make a light lunch. Once in Saint Kitts, we are checking in with immigration and port authority. After that we are docking at Christophe Harbor Marina and that will end our sail for the day.

Sail day 2 - Night 3, July 6th.

In Sint Kitts early breakfast and beach hopping ending in in White House Bay, Some of the good ones are Shitten Bay, Banana Bay, and Mayors Bay, the best anchorage in St Kitts is White House Bay, this bay is calm from north winds all the way to south winds and it is protected from the north swell.

You are probably wondering what distinguishes White House Bay from other St Kitts beaches, the top reasons include the presence of a number of reefs in the White House Bay and surrounding areas as well as the fact that there are several underwater shipwrecks close to the shore, some of which were uncovered by hurricanes. According to reports from the St Kitts Maritime Archaeological Project, one of these wrecks lies in just three metres of water, some thirty four meters from the beach at White House Bay. On this day we will Sail to Nevis and pick up a Mooring to Overnight.

Sail day 3 - Night 4, July 7th.

Wake up in Nevis, We will have all day to Explore the island and the afternoon to settle on a beach mooring and enjoy the afternoon.

Some info about Nevis, The name “Nevis” (pronounced NEE-vis) is derived from Nuestra Senora de las Nievas, meaning “Our Lady of the Snow.” Spanish explorers gave the island this name for the white cloud that often encircles Nevis Peak, the dormant volcano that’s the main geographic feature of the island.

In the capital, Charlestown, the first thing you notice is how little of its development seems aimed at tourists. Downtown is a historic strip of stone buildings dating from the 17th century, with English colonial facades which have been painstakingly restored and maintained. Inside, they’re filled with pretty much every kind of business except tourist traps. The variety reflects the diversity of the local population: Jamaican groceries, Chinese restaurants, Guyanese markets to name a few. They sit in spaces where the sugar and slaves were once traded.

Since people forget Nevis exists, its world-class beaches have minimal crowds, making them arguably the most relaxing in the Caribbean. Sitting on the golden sand near the Chrishi Beach Club,

In Nevis beaches aren’t the giant swaths of white sand you might find in nearby Anguilla, but they don’t need to accommodate nearly as many people. Oualie Beach, the first we will is an immediate oasis of empty sand and lounge chairs, Nearby Lovers Beach, , a secluded beach to sit and read a book in the sand or gaze at the emerald mountains in the distance. Crucially, there is no almost no man-made noise -- if you closed your eyes, you’d think you were alone with the sea and the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Then Nisbet Beach, a lively bar and swimming pool sit aside a handful of hammocks as soft waves lap against the shore. the only sound you’ll hear is the occasional laughter of the bartender, sharing a joke with whoever has just pulled up for a drink.

While much of the Caribbean is awash with luxury resorts and big name hotels, lodgings on Nevis keep a historic feel. Most of the larger hotels are former sugar plantations (at one time Nevis had more than a hundred), where the main house has been converted into a grand lobby and restaurant. The old sugar mill at each site is repurposed, too -- at Montpelier it’s a private dining room, while at Golden Rock it takes the form of the honeymoon suite. Nisbet Plantation is the only one set on the beach, but nearly all have private beaches with regular shuttles.

Nevis is like a better-groomed version of Dominica -- rough, rugged terrain, but with nicely paved roads and ropes along hiking trails. The quintessential trek is to the top of Nevis Peak, a challenging and rewarding 3,232-foot ascent that starts next to a penitentiary where you’ll see inmates tending gardens. Reaching the peak takes an hour or two of wending through banana plants and ferns, over boulders and up muddy cliffs. Unlike trails on more rustic islands, this one has convenient ropes to help along the way. A good guide will show us how to use them to make the climb as painless as possible.

Once at the top, you are rewarded with a sweeping 360-degree view of the islands St. Kitts and Montserrat on a clear day. It’s also the coldest place on the island, and the sweat you work up during the hike will make it frigid. Bring a jacket.

The valleys and hills surrounding the volcano create a dewy, tropical rainforest below. Hikes here take you through the jungle to virginal waterfalls and streams. Some trails meander past four or five falls, and as the sound of one begins to die out the noise of another begins. Even your strenuous hike will feel soothing.

Tours Info: Nevis Tours, 4X4 tours

Sail day 4 - Night 5, July 8th.

Wake up early and have breakfast, by 9:00 AM we need to be heading to St. Barths this is our second big sail, 4 to 5 hours, we will arrive at the port of Gustavia, this will be a Explore the Island Day. The streets around Gustavia are lined with luxury boutiques and colorful shops with facades of brightly painted clapboard or traditional cedar shakes offset by white shutters. Duty-free prices add to the allure of haute couture and jewelry. Brands such as Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Bulgari, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton have their own stores, while other boutiques blend the clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry of various international designers. Cuban cigars and duty-free liquor add to the mix, making Gustavia a good place for shopping and maybe yacht provisioning. We will Overnight either at the docks or on a mooring in the Bahia.

Sail day 5 - Night 6, July 9th.

This day will be Beach hopping in Saint Barth, we will start at Anse des gran Saline, then, Anse the Gouverneur finish up at Anse du Colombier, here we will Moore for the night

Sail day 6 - Night 7, July 10th.

This day we wake up and do a 20 minute motoring to Ice Fourchue, there we will pick up a mooring and have breakfast, we have enough time to hike and snorkel, Then we will sail back to Saint Martin straight to Ile Tintamarre, there we will pick up a mooring and spend the day, as the late afternoon comes in we will make our way to Marina Port Royal for a Dock and spend the night.

Sail day 7 - Night 8, July 11th.

After breakfast we can decide depending on weather to go to the North part of the island to Creole Rock and Baie de Grand Case or South of the island to Ilet Pinel and Baie Longue.

End of the day we will go back to our base marina.

Day 8 - July 12th.

Disembark is at 11:00 am

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